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Welcome to Psynary
Psynary is an online system to help companies and health organizations screen for common mental health problems and manage care pathways for mood and anxiety disorders.
Psynary provides online employee stress check and mental health screening programs for companies. For those employees screening positive Psynary provides a detailed online assessment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Psynary reviews treatment response and accelerates optimisation and personalization of treatment, with the aim of achieving full remission from symptoms sooner and reducing the indirect costs of mental illness for companies.

Psynary can be linked with occupational health department systems, or can be delivered entirely anonymously to enhance employee access to mental health care. Anonymous screening and intervention may assist in mitigating risks for safety conscious industries.

Psynary works with health care organizations in developing blended and innovative care delivery pathways. It supports primary care clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals to deliver specialist interventions for common mood and anxiety disorders, improving outcomes and reducing referrals to secondary care.

Psynary provides detailed real time reporting on service level outcomes for auditing, benchmarking and performance related payments. Companies can monitor occupational health performance and reductions in sickness related costs.

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